We began our journey in the year 2015, with the sole purpose of introducing products that speaks to every person, today.  We strive on becoming the source that helps you transform your visions into reality, be that perfect blank canvas for your designs.

Our catalogue originally began with 4 products but we slowly increased our reach with the help of our enthusiastic and creative customers. We realized two things that held true of both our customers and ourselves- first, people want products that are unique and represent them, and second, seeing your own vision come to life outdoes what any readymade product can. When you design your own apparel, you're putting your vision, your ideas, your creativity, and a part of yourself on it, and that satisfaction is hard to come by anywhere else.  But, it's not only the product we're providing, it's the process. When you design with us, we want you to experience the joy of creating something that's uniquely Yours.

We welcome you to come be a part of our journey here at Inertia.