In 2015, we started InertiaCart with one vision make products that represent everyone. Of course, that was no easy task. As we began with a humble 4 products in our catalogue, the enthusiasm and ideas our customers approached us with sparked ours further. We realized two things that held true of both our customers and ourselves- first, people want products that are unique and represent them, and second, seeing your own vision come to life outdoes what any readymade product can. And with that epiphany, began the real journey of InertiaCart. We're committed to giving our customers more than just a well-designed product; we'd like to think we're giving you a canvas to express whatever you feel represents you. But, it's not only the product we're providing, it's the process. When you design your own apparel, you're putting your vision, your ideas, your creativity, and a part of yourself on it, and that satisfaction is hard to come by anywhere else. When you design with us, we want you to experience the joy of creating something that's uniquely Yours.