We understand that we are not just printing T Shirts, we are making memories.

The Company

We began our journey in the year 2014, with the sole purpose of introducing products that speaks to every person. The shirts we made then, and continue to make now are mediums to connect and inspire people all around the world. 

With over 15 lakhs products sold so far, we are India’s most trusted custom apparel brand. We are passionate about putting new unique things out into the world by printing custom t shirts that feature strong messages and beautiful designs of our beloved customers. 

We strive to provide top notch consistency in quality and hassle free processing for you. Our aim is to create an exceptional experience for our customers and also for our own team, which keeps us motivated and inspires us to do better everyday.

We welcome you to come be a part of our journey here at Inertia. 

Thus so far…

25,000+ orders processed so far

1.5 million+ products sold

1800+ Institutions & 2000+ Corporates served

Proudly Made in India

Since the start we have been associated with several ventures of all sizes like MNCs startups events and what not! But what keeps us going is always the endless opportunities and the scope for novelty, which we are sure to never out off!

We got featured in

Wear your story!

We know that a tshirt can be an exceptionally effective messaging medium!

The message matters be it emotional or funny or an expression, our tshirts have and will always act as mediums to communicate something that means a lot to you.

For Corporates

Build a connection between the employees and the company by customising your design on Inertia’s corporate apparel, so they can wear it with a sense of pride and enthusiasm.

For Colleges

Get your college merchandising done here at Inertia, be it for any feasts or events or to just stand out at your campus. We are here to support and equip you all the way.

For Startups

Create super cool custom apparel for your startup here at Inertia. We can help you gear up for all your startup needs and increase your brand’s exposure. Collaborate with us now!

For You

We are here to help you get your message into the world to connect and inspire others. You can even customize as few as one or two tee shirts for you and your loved ones. Get in touch with our team now!