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Terms and Conditions


NOTICE: The purchase of any Products or Services by Buyer is expressly limited to and governed by these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are incorporated into and made a material part of any purchase order issued by Buyer. Any acceptance of Buyer’s offer is expressly limited to acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Buyer expressly objects to and rejects any additional or different terms or conditions proposed by Seller. No Seller terms or conditions shall become part of the parties’ agreement or shall modify these Terms and Conditions, even if signed by a representative of Seller, nor shall any course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade operate as a modification or waiver of these Terms and Conditions. By accepting any purchase order from Buyer, issuing an order acknowledgement or confirmation, or commencing to perform under Buyer’s purchase order, Seller accepts and assents to these Terms and Conditions. Seller acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions apply to all purchases by Buyer and any of its affiliates.

1. Definitions

“Buyer” means an entity to which Seller is providing Products or Services under the Contract.

“Contract” means the purchase order issued by Buyer (including any ancillary documents provided by Buyer) and these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any conflict, the Terms and Conditions shall take precedence over other documents included in the Contract.

“Products” means the equipment, parts, materials, supplies, and other goods Buyer has requested and Seller has agreed to supply to Buyer under the Contract.

“Seller” means the Inertia Cart and/or any  of its affiliates providing Products to or performing Services for buyer under the Contract.

“Services” means the services Buyer has requested and Seller has agreed to perform for Buyer under the Contract.

“Terms and Conditions” means these General Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Products or Services, together with any modifications or additional provisions specifically stated in Buyer’s purchase order or specifically agreed upon by Buyer in writing.

2. Prices

All pricing on confirmation email and purchase order is final. Buyer does not acknowledge any written confirmation with pricing changes until a purchase order revision is completed and provided to Seller. Buyer will not be obligated to pay and will not process payment for any invoice that does not match the price set forth on the corresponding purchase order. Seller warrants that the prices and terms on which it supplies Products and Services to Buyer are no less favourable than those offered to other customers purchasing in similar quantities. Seller agrees to immediately reduce the price if it charges any customer purchasing in similar volume a lower price.

Note that the seller can change the price without any prior information to the buyer. However, the price for the ongoing order will not be revised.

3. Purchase Order Changes

Buyer reserves the right to modify the purchase order with respect to quantities, delivery schedules and/or specifications as desired by Buyer by issuing one or more change orders to Seller until the order is placed.

However, the Buyer cannot modify the purchase order in terms of quantities, delivery schedules, design and/or specifications once the order is placed. Although, the existing purchase order can be cancelled and new order can be placed.

4. Payment Terms and Methods

After the buyer confirms to the final quotation made by the seller, 70% of the total order value must be made to process the order. The remaining 30% payment must be paid on or before delivery only. 100% payment must be made for an order value of Rs 10,000 and below to process the order.

Note: The Goods will not be dispatched if the complete 100% of the payment is not received. No Cheque or COD will be accepted on the date of delivery. However, COD is only allowed if it is a store pick up. 

There shall be no cancellation or refund in case of any issue after the order is placed. However, the seller will rectify/replace the products in case if there is an issue from the seller.

Note: For Cheque/DD payments, the order will be processed or delivered only after a payment realisation.

Payment Methods:

  • Account transfer
  • Cash
  • PayTM (only up to 1lakh)

5. Delivery and Risk of Loss.

Time is of the essence with respect to delivery of Products or performance of Services. Seller shall make no partial delivery or delivery before the date(s) stated on the purchase order. If the courier cannot reach the delivery pin code in set time, the seller does not take any responsibilities as it is a time constraint order.

The Seller is not responsible in case of any delay caused due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather, flight delays, state/national dispute, etc and there will be no cancellation or refund.

Note: The products will be dispatched for delivery only after the clearance of the total order value.

We have three delivery means

  • In store – Once the order is ready the buyer can pick up the order directly from the seller’s store whenever between 10am – 6pm on working days. No additional shipping charges here, applicable on all products.
  • Standard – The buyer can get the order delivered at their doorstep within 2 weeks from the order placed. No additional shipping charges here, applicable on all products.
  • Express –  The buyer can get super fast delivery within 1 week from placing the order. Additional shipping charges apply, applicable on selected products only.

6. Warranty

Seller warrants that all Products and Services furnished shall conform to all applicable specifications, be new, merchantable and of good workmanship and quality, free of all defects, liens and encumbrances and fit for the ordinary purposes for which the Products or Services are used. Seller also warrants that the Products and Services shall comply with all applicable laws, codes, regulations and standards, shall not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party and with respect to Services, will be conducted with due skill and care.

7. Returns and Refunds

The seller will not accept any return or refund of products once the order is delivered unless there is an error in the delivered order.

Note: The products can only be returned if it’s unused.

8. Cancellations 

There can be no cancellation of the order once the order is confirmed or placed. However in rare cases the cancellation of the order can be made only within 3 hours of placing the order.

9. Replacement

In cases of product defects, the buyer has to share a snapshot of the defective products and the products will be taken back by the seller and rectified or replaced as per Inertia cart company norms. The buyer has to report the defect/missing products within 24 hours from the time of receiving the products along with a footage of the missing products taken while opening the order, which will later be compared to our CCTV footage of the products before it was dispatched.

Note: The products can only be returned if it’s unused.

10. Relationship between Buyer & Seller

The relationship between Buyer and Seller is solely that of independent contracting parties, and nothing in these Terms and Conditions or any purchase order of Buyer shall be construed to create an employment, joint venture, partnership, or agency relationship between Buyer and Seller.

11. Product Details

There will be a minimum difference from sample shown to the final delivery as lot to lot vary in the fabric in time. The print colour may vary container to container. In rare cases there can be a difference in digital copy of the design colour to the actual as the paint will be of standard colours and might not be matched accurately. However the seller promises to match to the closest.

Note: The seller will not be held responsible under such circumstances.

12. Sample Guidelines

Plain Samples and Size set –

Minimum order quantity will be 50 plus. Note that there will be no samples sent for orders below 50. Although, the buyer can come to our office and check out the samples.

The first set of plain sample and size set will be sent out by our delivery executive without any charge. However, If the buyer wants samples the second time, the seller will charge the buyer for the samples (i.e., MRP plus the transportation cost).

Payment terms: No Cash on Delivery

Samples returns: The buyer can return the samples within 7 days and the amount will be refunded 3 days after the seller receives the sample. Note that the samples can only be returned if unused.

Note : The seller will require one working day to dispatch the samples.

Printed Samples-

If the buyer requires a printed sample, a price of Rs 1000 will be charged for each printed

sample. The samples cannot be returned and is non- refundable as its a customised printing


Note: The seller will require minimum of 7 working days to print and dispatch the sample.

13. Possibilities

There will be about 10% difference from the digital mock – up to the final product after printing. Similarly, there will be about 10% difference from the digital mock- up to the final product after Embroidery as well.

For products, the colour of the fabric may vary about 10-12% from the sample shown as fabric varies from lot to lot as per industry standards. The GSM or thickness of the fabric may vary 10 – 12% from the sample shown as per industry standards. However, the fabric quality will not be compromised and will be same as per Inertia standards. Additionally, the size of the products will have a tolerance of +/- 0.8% to 1% from our product size chart.


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