Is there an end to College-hood?

Is there an end to College-hood?

It’s that time of the year, when final year students are stuck between bittersweet symphonies of exams and friendships. What may have started off as a seemingly never ending voyage of academia, is rather ending too soon, eh? Some may say that’s how the cookie crumbles, but if we looked at the greener side of the metaphorical grass, students will now look forward to bigger challenges in life, with sure shot friends that they can count on, the ones that will be by their side and get ready to make a leap into the future full of surprises. However, isn’t it a great idea to take a moment to reflect upon the three or four years that went by like a breeze?
Then let’s get on to it right away!

#1 Remember when you first walked into your college? Your parents on one side would have been as emotional as they were when you took your first steps, and you on the other side would have trudged your way into the campus - clueless and anxious yet hopeful of how your journey will pan out, after three LONG years.

#2 Remember when you first made a friend? Not necessarily by choice, but by chance. You may have ended up in the only seat that was left, next to the guy or girl no one sat next to or you may have struck a chord with a random bunch of people by catching your favourite phrase or a TV series! But notice how life had its own way of trimming the bunch and reducing them to just one friend that you can count on or may be two?

#3 Remember when you first took part in a fest? Either by organising or volunteering or participating in it. The first roar of your college name, the first moments of pride of belonging to one alma mater, the first round of applause and not to forget, the first time you all sported the same college hoodies - jeez! Goosebumps, right?

#4 Remember when you first had a crush? When the rest of the world already knew who you were admiring from a corner, you may have forgotten to do that secretively, because as they say those vibes are more contagious than we know! But, oh those butterflies! We’d dress for him/her, we’d fight to sit next to him/her, we’d turn the world upside down for him/her - because, why not?

#5 Remember when you first wrote your exam? Although it’s best we all forget about it, the trouble with first-times is that they are hard to be erased from our memory. We may not remember the exams, but the anxiety before each semester and the last minute genius prep is something unforgettable - where only we know how we believe we can memorise a year’s length of subjects within a glorious thirty minutes. But so we sailed!

And here we are - through canteens, libraries, stairs, house parties, last bench shenanigans, and sleepless nights. What is College-hood without friends that made it seem like a breeze and the three years go by in a jiffy! And more importantly, what is life without College-hood?

So, since there’s no way we can go back in time and restart, let’s dress up each of our days with colours, coordinated to our style and letters suited to our vibe! With budgets so thin, and friendships so thick, finding a cheap and pocket friendly t-shirt printing place, and that too, with the touch of YOUR personalised content, is now, a walk in the park - especially in Bangalore.

So, don’t wait any further and give your #collegehood the luxury of a tangible memory!

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