For the love of Varsity Jackets!

For the love of Varsity Jackets!

Are hoodies your go to clothing idea? Do you just put on a hoodie when you can’t decide what to wear? Are you a Varsity fan? If yes, did you know how did it even come into the picture? Did you know it was called letter jacket and later was called varsity jacket? 

Here are a few things you need to know about varsity jackets and why you should look for it the next time you are shopping for clothes. 

History of Varsity Jackets 

Also called "letterman" jackets - for evident reasons - varsity jackets go back to the thirties and have consistently been related with American muscle head culture. The chenille letters were customarily the initials of the school being referred to and were worn to speak to a specific degree of brandishing accomplishment. This practice can be traced back to 1865, when the original letter sweaters were introduced by the Harvard University baseball team. 

Men’s letterman or if you prefer, varsity jackets, have come a long way since their origins as jocks’ sportswear in American high schools. So, we’re heading back to school for a lesson on how to style your varsity jacket. 

The developing prominence of at leisure wear has brought about the varsity jackets taking on numerous new styles and keeping in mind that more alternatives are extraordinary they likewise lead to significantly more design decisions. Here's a manual for various varsity jackets and how to wear them. 

Preppy Look 

Got team spirit? Even if you don’t, the preppy look is a classic option for styling varsity jackets as it plays on their origins, try a bright colour that's more reminiscent of college colours and will stand out against the white leather sleeves. Complete the look with a pair of classic chinos, or if you’re really feeling preppy, why not try a coloured or patterned trousers? 

Blue is my Favourite 

Easiest to pair with a navy varsity jacket because navy's a very tonal colour. If you go with brightly coloured trousers or skirts choose a simple subtle top; a white shirt will keep the look crisp and classy. Polos and plaid shirts will help you get the classy look, plus you can layer up in winter with a thick woollen cardigan. 


With a strong silhouette and choice of two colours, this jacket works well even if you don't play any sports! You've just now got will just have to figure out what to wear it with, and it’s a great and very easy way to add a sporty, yet casual vibe to your outfit. 

Must Haves 

The Black and Grey Varsity Jackets - these colours have been making their rounds on the blogs recently. They're an updated version of the black leather jacket and are really easy to style. 


We as a whole need a jacket that we can, without much of a stretch, toss with anything when taking off to the bar, shops or any place you're going. You've ideally gotten on at this point that varsity jackets essentially go with all the fixings and are extremely simple to style - to suit your own look - making them the perfect go-to easygoing jacket. 

The Office look 

Don’t you adore restless office look that comprises of an exemplary varsity coat styled with pencil skirts, straightforward tees, elegant shirts, provocative heels and explanation pieces of jewelry? Those of you who need to get things progressively easygoing on Fridays may get a kick out of the chance to switch the skirt with thin pants. 

Now that you know how to sport a Varsity Jacket and why it is a must-have in your wardrobe, we’re about to reveal where you will find the best of it -! Customize, Order and get the happiness delivered to your doorstep, satiating your fashion cravings! 

Go ahead and get yours today. 

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